Mr. Arshad Munir , Executive Director General


The Information Service Academy (ISA) has been imparting Specialized Training to Information Group probationary officers since 1982 and so far thirty four (39) batches have been passed out of this Academy.

Marketing governments have never been an easy task. With the strengthening of democratic norms and vibrant media, this task has become even more difficult and challenging. Gone are the days when public servants enjoyed the luxury of giving only the officially certified truth. Now the other versions are only a click away from the public. In the current scenario media handling has become an uphill task. The effective utilization and manipulation of multiple roles of media in building public opinion demands a high degree of professionalism and commitment on one hand and deeper understanding of fast changing media landscape on the other hand.

I would like to commend the efforts of ISA faculty for chalking out a comprehensive program keeping in view the training needs for the professional development of newly inducted

officers. Moreover, the faculty and staff members have made best possible arrangements to make the officers’ stay at the ISA comfortable from professional point of view by providing the best learning environment and academic freedom. The faculty is encouraged and expected to give their input to make it more responsive to the professional requirements of the successive batches.

I also expect that the young media managers while maintaining a strong focus on academic performance will cooperate with the faculty and administration in their efforts to implement the training modules successfully. I pray for their success and wish them all a promising career.

Mr. Arshad Munir

Executive Director General