Overview of Specialized Training Programme

                  During the STP, in addition to the class lectures on syllabus-related subjects, probationary officers are briefed about the working of various organizations of the Information and Broadcasting Division. The Academy, within its limited sources, endeavors to engage the best available visiting faculty members to provide quality input to the probationary officers on various subjects. Field visits to various departments of the Ministry and Media Organizations form the vital part of the STP. The probationers are expected to analyze critically the working of these institutions and prepare an analytical paper suggesting improvements in their functioning. During STP, syndicate groups are formed, topics for the syndicate studies and individual research papers are allocated and books are assigned for reviews by the probationers. Exclusive Workshops on Information Technology, Research Methodology and Pakistani Cinema shall also be organized during STP.


                  The probationary officers are taken on study tours to different cities of Pakistan during the STP. They are expected to prepare tour reports and make multi-media presentations in the class on the conclusion of the tour.


                  Probationary officers are imparted training in managerial skills, secretariat procedures, rules and regulations.


Objectives of STP

  • To Train the probationary officers in line with the professional responsibilities and the requirements of the government in the emerging environment of free and open Media.
  • To Improve the managerial capabilities and professional qualities of the public servants in the Information and Media set-ups.
  • To Groom the under-training officers to become role models through their knowledge, development of inter-personal skills, team-work and civilized behavior.
  • To Teach new management techniques through group discussions and field studies.


Training Methodology

  • Lectures
  • Group and Syndicate Discussions
  • Book Review
  • Research Paper
  • Syndicate Research Paper
  • CST Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Current Issue Presentations
  • Review Session
  • Practical Training

39th Specialized Training Programme FY 2022-23


Modules of STP

  • Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Global and Political Communication
  • Trends in New Media
  • Strategic and Development Communication
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Media Ethics and Laws
  • Global and Pakistan Affairs
  • English and Urdu
  • Secretariat Training

STP Training Under ISA Domain

  • Orientation Lectures on Working of Various Wings and Departments of MOIB
  • IT / Digital Media Handling
  • Current Issue Presentations
  • Individual Research Papers
  • Book Reviews
  • Visits to Different Departments and organizations
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Country Study Tour
  • Attachments with different departments of Ministry