Information Service Academy (ISA)

The Information Service Academy was established in 1980 as an in-service training institution responsible for developing skills of the Media Managers of the Government of Pakistan. The 7th Common Training Program (CTP) was the first batch to get the training through attachment with various information and media related offices as at that time the ISA had no premises of its own to start classes. Nonetheless, in 1981 the ISA initiated its Specialized Training Programme for the probationer of 8th CTP. Since then, a number of 39 batches of Information Group Officers have received training in this institution. The current batch was passed out in November 2022.



  • To impart Specialized Training to Information Group Officers.
  • Development of professional skills to provide feedback, anticipate and neutralize/win- over hostile media.
  • To create a pool of Trained Officers who could act as Bridge Builders between Government and Media.
  • To create a pool of Trained Officers who could act as Pakistan’s Image Builders abroad.




ISA has a vision to inculcate in its probationers that it is the responsibility and duty of all officers to serve the nation to the best of their ability and with the greatest zeal and here at ISA we ensure that when the probationary officers leave the Academy to begin their professional careers they will have the right tools and knowledge to be able to serve the nation.
We want to impart to them a sense of national pride and a sense of belonging amongst the cadres.