Training Methodology


Like any other training programme, lectures by eminent professionals and faculty members will be the main source of training in the classroom. The lectures can be categorized as:

  • Syllabus-based lectures
  • Supporting lectures
  • Extension lectures (outside the realm of basic lectures but otherwise relevant)

Probationary officers are expected to fully participate in the classroom lectures by asking questions and through discussion. However, this exercise should remain within the limits of decency and topic of discussion. The probationary officers would get marks on the basis of asking most relevant and thought provoking-questions. Asking irrelevant questions for the sake of showing participation is discouraged.

Individual Research Papers

Probationary officers will be delivered lectures on research methodology and they are required to follow the methodology in their research papers. All the probationary officers are expected to prepare their research papers according to academically recognized standards. The minimum length of the research paper is four thousand words (4000) – produced and compiled in the standardized format. Every probationary officer will be allocated a topic of his / her research by May 20, 2019.Each research paper will be supervised by some faculty member. The probationary officers are expected to remain in close coordination with their respective supervisors. The maximum length of the research paper is 4000 to 5000 words. Half hour presentation followed by 20 minutes Question and Answer session the assignment will also require to be made as per schedule.  The schedule for submission of first draft and final version is as follows

  • First draft 26th August, 2019
  • Final Draft 03rdOctober, 2019

Syndicate Research Papers

Probationary officers will be divided into two syndicates for conducting research work on assigned topics. Each syndicate will be supervised by a faculty member. The maximum length of syndicate research papers 3000 words. A 20 minutes presentation on the assignment followed by defence will also require to be made as per schedule by Academy. Following are the time limits for submission of reports of syndicate research.

  • Allocation of Topics                 20th May, 2019
  • Submission of First Draft:     26thAugust, 2019
  • Submission of Final Draft Report 03rd October, 2019

Country Study Tours Reports

Usually, the probationary officers are taken on study tours of various regions of the country. They are expected to prepare tour reports and make multi-media presentation in the class at the conclusion of the tour.

Case Studies

Probationers will be given different case studies in context of media management. The probationers will have to come up with the solutions applying simulation exercises.

Current Issue Presentations

Each week, the probationers will have to give a Power Point Presentation of the Current issues related to the Media and Current Affairs.

Practical Training

Probationary officers are placed in real job-like situations with various departments of the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting & National History and Literary Heritage. During their attachments with these institutions, they are given hands-on-training. They are also taken to various news agencies, newspapers and Government media offices for familiarization with the working of these institutions.