Code of Conduct

A high standard of self-discipline, strong sense of responsibility and strict observance of rules and regulations are expected from the probationary officers as given below:

  • Bio-metric Attendance in all academic sessions and other training related activities is mandatory. No exemption from attendance is allowed except in emergency cases and with prior permission of the competent authority
  • Only 07 leaves during STP shall be allowed
  • Probationary officers are required to strictly follow the times lines for submission of assignments
  • They must be present in the classroom five minutes before the commencement of each session. Arrival after 5 minutes will be marked absent
  • During lectures, they are required to be attentive and must desist from moving around without any plausible reason
  • Use of mobile phones during class is prohibited. In case of violation, it will be confiscated
  • Under the law, smoking is prohibited in the offices, which also include classrooms, library, auditorium, lounges and official transport
  • Wearing of name tags issued by the Academy is compulsory in ISA premises and during visits

The probationary officers are obligated to observe the above-mentioned instructions and all other instructions issued from time to time.

Dress Code

The dress code prescribed by the Government of Pakistan is to be strictly followed during office hours and formal functions.